I have two great passions in life, travelling and food. These are the two things that haven't let me down, they make me happy, the thrill of going somewhere new and trying that special delicacy will bring a smile to my face any day. 

I was born in Portugal and moved to Canada at the very young age of 4. My mother always cooked traditional Portuguese meals at home and although they were amazing, they limited my pallet for a very long time. I returned to Portugal as an adult and interestingly enough that was where my passion for food was ignited. I always loved to cook, but never ventured away from what I knew, as soon as I did, I found that the options are endless. Pairing that passion with travelling the world only enhances the way I think about ingredients and how to use them, but better yet, how to make everyone enjoy them.

I am now living in Toronto and pursuing my dream of making international food accessible to everyone. Come travel with me and taste the world on a plate.


Unless otherwise stated all photos on this site were taken by: Cris Almeyda.